RGM Presenter Ellie Colton is on the hunt to meet and get to know the best-unsigned artists around, in this post she gets to know the very talented Big Shaun.

I sit down with Big Shaun, you will recognise him from the legendary Sheffield group the Everly Pregnant Brothers.

As we chat away in his back garden we cover every topic you can think of, from nudity, to mental health, to of course music!

The Everly Pregnant Brothers have been going since 2009 and in that time have amassed a total of 7 albums, in this interview Shaun lets us know there’s at least one more to come in the not too distant future.

With close friends including Jon McClure and Richard Hawley, you can see why Big Shaun and his affiliates have had such a profound impact in Sheffield’s music industry and no doubt the UK’s parody stage with their songs “No oven no pie” “Dun’t tha want me” and “chip pan”.

Currently, the band is supposed to be on a mini tour around the UK, but unfortunately, Coronavirus has made sure that hasn’t happened, although they haven’t been quiet in lockdown.

You can see their song and music video for “Don’t go out” on YouTube right now, and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!

Success is always measured by how strong your fan base is, and in this interview Shaun explains why the key to the Brother’s success is through “making the fans feel like part of the band”.