RGM Presenter Ellie Colton is on the hunt to meet and get to know the best-unsigned artists around, in this post she gets to know the very talented Chanel Yates.

Chanel Yates has been keeping super busy in lockdown, releasing covers, music videos and of course her own original music. You will be blown away by her videos – they are STUNNING; the scenery, the vibe, her sound, everything just works perfectly.

Not only does Chanel emulate the vibes of a 70s bohemian, she also matches the image perfectly. You only need to head over to her YouTube Channel for 5 seconds to see that!

The video for her song ‘Mama’ was filmed in Lane7 and her newer track ‘Absinthe’ in the local countryside! But putting out original tunes isn’t the only thing Chanel has been up to.

She is constantly putting out covers, and even got noticed by one of the Vamps for covering ‘Married in Vegas’ – she really is that good.

The vamps aren’t the only boys who have her heart however, as Chanel makes a revelation about camping out for One Direction in our interview!

Moving on to more festive topics however, as we’re almost at the end of the year, Chanel says she might have a festive trick up her sleeve in the form of a Christmas tune – but we will have to wait and see what she comes up with.

When on tour with her good friend Denis Coleman, she was shocked to hear fans singing her songs back to her even though she’d not had them released long. It just shows you how quickly someone can rise to fame.

As her fan base continues to grow, as does her passion and fervour for the industry – she says she’s got a big year in 2021 and will continue to put herself out there. Her goal last year was to hit 3K followers on Instagram, by next year that number should have at least tripled.

When she’s not writing, she loves to turn her attention towards other things; like crystals! She carries a rabbit’s foot round with her for good luck sometimes (sorry vegans) and I find it so intriguing! It’s worked for her so far because I’ll put my money on Chanel getting noticed big time in 2021.

Of course we love a quickfire round in these videos and we uncovered a few facts, her favourite animal is a dolphin, she loves a GnT and she still believes in Santa… (I do too). You have to! Or he won’t come!

Click below for the interview… we had such a laugh in Sheffield’s Botanical Gardens 🙂