RGM Presenter Ellie Colton is on the hunt to meet and get to know the best-unsigned artists around, in this post she gets to know the very talented INTI a.k.a Mikey

I speak to INTI (a.k.a Mikey) in Manchester’s famous host of Park Life, Heaton Park.

INTI, has had his fair share of incredible gigs, tours and musical experiences through drumming for the artist ‘Bipolar Sunshine’ and being on tour with many other famous faces. Now though, he is the front-man.

Since he’s dabbled with fame in his past, he has got some seriously crazy stories ranging from the time he accidentally pulled up to a gang-land fight in America post-show, and when he fell down some stairs exiting the stage in front of some properly famous people!

After he released his tune ‘Echo Chamber’ in early 2020, the interest in his music has only grown stronger.

Now, just after releasing ‘Look at you now’ on July 17th, he is looking at letting us have even more EPs this year, and an album may be on the cards in the near future.

If you like an artist who thinks about all their lyrics delicately then you will love listening to the breakdown of ‘Echo Chamber’ and I bet you will be able to relate to at least one thing he explains.

Although we don’t want to pigeon-hole musicians, if you’re a fan of 80s synth, you will love INTI. His inspirations range from French house music, New Order and even traditional Irish music.

But we like to do more than just chat tunes on In Conversation with Colton, so you’ll also find out his favourite cocktail, animal, meal, body-part and whether or not he prefers Miller & Carter against Wetherspoons…find it all out here.