RGM Presenter Ellie Colton is on the hunt to meet and get to know the best-unsigned artists around, in this post she gets to know the very talented (Leona) Norskov Jorgensen

As long as you don’t live under a rock you will have seen this amazingly talented woman busking all over Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, the list goes on.

She’s 26, she’s got 100K followers on TikTok and she’s got a voice like you’ve never heard before in your life.

Norskov is a quarter Danish hence the super exciting name, and you might of seen her ‘In a Vibe’ with her friend Jc Clack, busking the streets, which she says is her “stage”. Poetic and true!

She covers everyone from Rhianna, Frank Ocean, Tate McRae, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, Chris Brown, Tones and I, Demi Lovato to Ella Eyre and MORE! And nothing is vocally off limits for her as she absolutely smashed a cover of ‘Hallelujah’ recently on her TikTok.

She’s even got festive in the festive spirit with her cover of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” featuring her friend Chloebeth Hamer and it’s hypnotisingly beautiful. She’s also regularly seen with Olivia Mason, another talented singer, and their recent cover of “If The World Was Ending” by JP Saxe was mesmerising!

Norskov says the phrase she lives her life by is “it’s nice to be nice” and all she wants to do is put her music out there and “see what happens”. Her fan base is only growing and she says she’s got some originals in the pipeline ready for release in the new year and I know everyone is so excited for that.

You need to check out her track with BOYOCA “Giving Nothin'” because it is an absolute dance anthem and I guarentee you will have it stuck in your head the same way I have for the past week.

Check out our interview in Sheffield’s Peace Gardens as we chat everything from music, song-writing, Christmas, busking, mulled wine, chameleons and so much more…ENJOY!