In Conversation with Colton – Pippa Crossland

RGM Presenter Ellie Colton is on the hunt to meet and get to know the best-unsigned artists around, in this post she gets to know the very talented…Pippa Crossland

I talk to Pippa Crossland, a 19 year old singer from Sheffield but based in Manchester as she has just finished her first year at The Royal Northern College of Music! Pippa is a soul singer, and my goodness her voice is well beyond her years.

She sounds incredible, all you have to do is go check out her track ‘Remedy’ on Spotify and you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. From struggling with stage fright to singing to hundreds of people and regularly performing at weddings, Pippa is one to watch on her journey to become even more established in the music industry.

She has released many ‘isolation covers’ during UK lockdown and you have to go check them out on her Instagram @pippacrosslandmusic, they are breathtaking, especially her cover of ‘Vienna waits for you’ by Billy Joel.

Pippa isn’t just a pretty face and a good singer however, she’s got the funniest personality and a very posh voice, find out so much more about her than just her musical side in this video.

I can’t wait to see where she will be in a years time 🙂