RGM Presenter Ellie Colton is on the hunt to meet and get to know the best-unsigned artists around, in this post she gets to know the very talented Y!KES

I sit down with Oli and Liam from the Birmingham band Y!KES in Sheffield’s Botanical Garden on a beautiful sunny day! Weren’t we lucky.

Their brand new record ‘Massive’ is out NOW and a video for their tune ‘Step Away’ is coming out really soon. Now these lads have not be quiet in lockdown, putting out track after track after track including one hilarious parody video of Joe Exotic’s (a.k.a Joe Erotic) famed tune ‘I saw a tiger’ which shot to fandom after the release of Netflix’s Tiger King.

Their most recent release ‘Pirouette’ has just hit 5K on YouTube which is no surprise as Y!KES have no problem bringing in the views.

With 30K devoted Spotify listeners, a big fat verification tick on their Facebook profile and a striking visual style and sound, they are a band to watch out for.

But it’s not just music they release, their YouTube is a brand of it’s own with tutorials on how to ‘speak Black Country’ how to do your make-up with Oli and possibly most unusual is their many videos with the band mascot ‘Bear Frills’ (a bear which looks like Pudsey on steroids).

Y!KES even went as far as releasing a whole ‘Live From Lockdown’ set earlier in May to their colourful YouTube channel, go check it out!

Their style has become increasingly more wild as they develop and their sound as a band has definitely followed through with this theme.

They describe their style as ‘alternative rock/pop’ and their music videos definitely reflect this.

There’s no denying these boys are incredibly entertaining as you hear from their bizarre caravan-ing stories in Great Yarmouth. In one instance, Oli and Liam came back from flyering to find their base player in the middle of a caravan party wearing a massive turkey hat, whilst partying with a ‘geezer in a Minnie Mouse suit’.

Find out how this happened plus much more by clicking the video!

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