Ins Kino – Coming Around

When I heard this guy was from Raleigh, North Carolina. I thought ‘Evan Farcas’ might be bringing some southern drawl’ to the table.

This is not the case, the track ‘Coming Around‘ available on their ‘bandcamp’ strikes more immediate chords with ‘Arcade Fire’ and almost early ‘Moby’. The track displays a tranquil melancholic serenade with bells and chimes, not short of a floating flute.

If you’re a fan of ethereal wind instruments, you’re rewarded with an uplifting drum and brass section, bringing you up to ‘Coming Around‘. It may sound like a track prolific track of the stage festival scene a few years ago. Coldplay would have been happy with this track.

However, that is not to say that it is not enjoyable to hear some American vibes from a man with a far more eloquent slackened jaw.’Ins Kino’, promises influences such as ‘The Kinks’ and ‘The Strokes’, but it’ll take a little more than a tannoy overdub on the voice to please those fans.

I’d recommend a long weekend in Camden. I’ll Chaperone.