International 10 Questions : Jimmy Star the American entertainment guru / best selling author.

We are joined today with Jimmy Star,  American entertainment guru / best selling author. Here are our 10 Questions (Ok we got a little excited and asked 11) relax it’s fine. 😎

1.Thanks for your time today Jimmy , As RGM is a uk based publication tell us a little bit about your career and what you do?

Thanks for asking. I work in all aspects of the entertainment industry. I host The Jimmy Star Show With Ron Russell, which is the #1 Webshow in the world with 4 million weekly listeners/viewers and we have conversations with celebrities from the film, tv and music world. I am also an award winning publicist with my business partner Eileen Shapiro and we have a very well known public relations firm called World Star PR, where we work with independent artists, actors, films, authors, etc.. at extremely affordable rates. I am also an Amazon Best-Selling author, fashion designer, actor and radio/television host. Everything I do is in entertainment, and it all works together to further my career in the industry.

2. What attracted you to writing and working with the RGM Team?

I work with numerous music publications, and RGM along with its team is definitely one of the best entertainment publications available throughout the world. RGM has great content, covers tv/film/comedy and music and is updated with new material daily. It is professional, interesting, easy to read, and in my opinion is one of the best sites anywhere to get a dose of entertainment in the world today.

3.What’s the worst experience you have encountered on stage or camera?

I have not had a lot of bad experiences, in films we always get to do a reshoot if we make a mistake, on my tv show we do live interviews on Skype that sometimes stops working in the middle of the interview, and once in a while when doing red carpet interviews for movie premiers I mistakenly let a fuck or some other bad word fly out of my mouth on a live broadcast. Nothing too terribly bad.

4.What is the best thing about working in the entertainment industry?

I love working in entertainment. I host my show with my husband, we are the only LGBT married couple in the world with a syndicated show and a huge audience, we get to meet and hang out with some of the coolest celebrities in the world, go to movie premiers/concerts and awards shows, and get to work with really great and talented people like the RGM team. I love it all.

5. Go on then, name drop, tell us a secret about your top 3 celebs that you have worked with?

I have been fortunate to work with many cool celebrities either interviewing them or working with them as their publicist. Some favorites include John Barrowman (our show with him got over 10 million plays). You probably know him from “Dr. Who,” “Torchwood” or in the U.S. he is on the tv show “Arrow.” He is an amazing talent and we had a blast. Right now I am working with Tom Proctor and his new band the A-Listers. He is well known from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and the Academy Award film “12 Years A Slave” which won 3 Oscars here in the states.

He is releasing his first country music album which is going to blow people away. It’s called “Working Man” and is going to be coming out in a few weeks.  I am a horror movie fanatic, and have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest legends in the business including Caroline Williams, Malcolm McDowell, Cerina Vincent, Danielle Harris, Doug Bradley, Clive Barker, Lance Henriksen, Daeg Faerch, Stephen Lang and many others.

6. Does American entertainment  look at Britain’s industry for inspiration?

I am not sure about this. I actually love the British Music Industry. I think the talent is amazing and often find myself purchasing music by bands that are featured in RGM. I also think that there are so many fantastic actors from the UK that you cannot deny the powerhouse of talent that the UK provides the entire world. I really love so much about the content that comes from your side of the pond.

7. What adventures have you been on while travelling through the world over the years?

I have been almost everywhere I have ever wanted to go. I love coming to the UK, have been skiing in Austria, touring through Turkey, Greece, Spain, Italy, France and many others. I love fashion and music and enjoy going to foreign lands and soaking up everything about them.

8. Tell me about the most inappropriate time that an idea came into your head for a piece of work?

During Sex of course…it is very inappropriate, but I do some of my best thinking while I am having a Netflix and chill evening.

9. You have a amazing backlog of content that you provide, where do the ideas come from?

We (Eileen Shapiro and I) are fortunate that we have developed a name for ourselves and are approached by many managers/agents/bands/actors/authors to do interviews weekly. We choose the ones that peak our interest and are doing the coolest things.

10. What gets on your nerves at the moment?

I really dislike how cruel/mean people are to one another. I do not think that people have to tear each other down to make themselves look bigger. The world would be such a better place if everyone worked together and did not try to destroy one another to get ahead. It does not have to be that way. If we all worked together we could all succeed.

11. What coming up for you in the 2nd half of 2018 mate? 

I have just relocated to Palm Springs, California. I am looking to grow my career and circle of influencers like RGM to spread the word about great indie entertainment. Love to also win an Emmy Award in the next year or two lol.