Interview : All Tvvins talk to us before headlining Dublins National Stadium and the answer to question 6 is intriguing!

1. Afternoon gents, welcome to RGM! We’ve just been listening to your latest single ‘Infinite Swim’, loving the silky smooth guitar delay and synth sounds! Tell us a bit about the track, how did this one come about?

This song started about 3 years ago as a bass melody on a simple but really groove-heavy drumbeat. We had a structure in place but no real vocal melodies or guitar parts to speak of…. so there it sat gathering dust. We have folders upon folders of riffs/jams that we refer back to sometimes and this was one that we thought needed to be resurrected. When we started our second album with James Vincent McMorrow at the helm on production we showed him potential songs and this was one idea he circled out. Having James work with us on it gave it a whole new dimension, one we wouldn’t have realised without him. An example of change in the og to the finished version is the bassline being stripped and played back in on a prophet.


2. ‘Infinite Swim’ is the latest in a group of singles you’ve released in 2018; joining ‘Warm Crush’ and ‘Hell Of A Party’, how have you found the response to the release of these tracks?

The response has been great so far. These songs are a departure from our first record so its nice to see our fans appreciate that and grow with us. The general bpm or tempo of what we’re doing now compared to older songs has decreased significantly… I suppose we want more room to breathe within the songs these days.

3. Are you working up to a more lengthy release for 2019?

Yes we are! Our second full length will be coming out this year. We worked through the cold months of early last year with James in his studio in Dublin. Together we produced and wrote something we’re very proud of and can’t wait to share with people.

4. You’ve recently announced a headline show at Dublin’s National Stadium. Are you excited for this one? It sounds like this will be one of your biggest Irish headline shows to date!

It’s our biggest hometown show so far so we’re buzzed for it. We’re lucky in our audiences wherever we go but theres always something special about playing on home turf… and its a stadium… so theres that. We have Sorcha Richardson playing with us on the night too which is amazing as we’re friends and big fans of her music.

5. We’ve actually spoke to Sorcha Richardson previously on RGM, great to see Sorcha is supporting you at Dublin National Stadium. You also had Day S support you on your recent European tour. Clearly you and your team are into championing Irish musicians, that’s awesome. What drew you to these acts and who else should we have on our radar?

Their music and talent is what drew us to both of these amazing people. I’ve written with both Sorcha and Day s on different projects and have become fast friends. They are wonderful people and make brilliant music… thats very easy to support.

6. A lot of your visuals and music videos seem to reference the ocean, water and beaches. The arrival of ‘Infinite Swim’ is another example of this. When you’re in Dublin do you find you take inspiration from the sea with Dublin being so close to the coast?

Ive always had a weird fascination with water. It could be something to do with growing up on the west side of Ireland and being close to so many beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. I’d hear stories of the Spanish Armada crashing on the sligo shores, lost treasures and lost life. Water conjures up so many conflicting themes for me that differ on whatever mood i’m in.  It can be fun, romantic and terrifying, dangerous and life saving. I find myself drawn to use water in different analogies…. and speaking from a lyrical and sound perspective words like river, water, bayou, stream etc… sound phonetically pleasing to me.

7. How did your March tour go? Any mishaps or highlights you could share with us?

It went very well. The rooms were heaving with fans of our music and we did what we do best… play it

8. For anyone who might be new to All Tvvins, could you tell us a bit about how the band came together and what keeps driving you forward?

We came together off the back of previous band splits. Myself and Lar still had the hunger and passion for making music and touring it so we created a new band. Honestly, the time has flown by… we keep our heads down and write, write, write, play, play, play. The need or want to create new music, to achieve something special is the driving force behind us now. For every landmark or achievement you reach, theres always another one on the horizon.

9.: Tell us a bit about your new single Build A Bridge?

Bridge started as a weird vocal loop a few years ago. We built a song around it and played it live a few times but it never felt quite right. When the time came to do this album we took the vocal loop out again and pitched it down. This immediately gave it a different energy and we quickly made the song that exists today. This song is the centre or core of the record… Everything else on the album spins out from bridge’s narrative. 

We’re also releasing a song called “My Future” alongside it. It was the last song to be finished and it’s got quite a different feel to Bridge…. We’re pretty excited about putting them out together as I feel they show different sides to what we’ve created as a whole.

10. Tell us a bit about what you both like to do away from music?

Away from music…. we mostly do more music. I play video games to unwind but i’ve found myself less and less able to do that. I’ve picked up piano so that consumes a lot of my time now. I read when I can and listen to a couple of podcasts like Blindoy, song exploder and my favourite murder.

11. What’s else are you scheming for 2019?

New music, new music and new music… and shows!

Catch them at Dublin National Stadium Show on April 13th  https://alltvvins.net/live