Hopefully, you have already checked out our review of Arkells’ excellent new album ‘Campfire Chords’. The band’s frontman Max Kerman gave up some of his busy promotional schedule to answer a few of our questions on their new record and camping disasters.

RGM: Congratulations on the new album. Max:”Thanks! Felt good to be productive in 2020. “

RGM: How long did it take to reach the completed tracklisting for the album; was it inspired by what goes well in the live environment, as many of these are crowd favourite? Max: “Everyone in our band has a lane to play in: For example – Mike does the artwork, Anthony does a lot of the musical directing etc. I get to make the tracklisting and write the setlist. It’s always a discussion but the guys generally trust my instincts. We wanted a healthy mix of big Arkells songs and fan favourites. Something for everyone. “

RGM: After completing the album are there any tracks that you now prefer stripped down to the original version? Max: “I do love “A Little Rain (A Song For Pete).” In my mind it always had a gospel feel to it, and we really went in that direction for this new version.

RGM: What was your biggest camping disaster? Max: “I was probably 6 years old and my family was camping. I vaguely remember everyone having a bit of a meltdown as the rain poured down in the middle of the night. I think my mom slept in the car. We didn’t do too many camping trips after that.

RGM:I heard you guys enjoy British snacks. If we sent you a goody bag of UK confectionery, which snacks would you send back to Britian, for us to enjoy around our campfire?
Max:”Nick would love a big order of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges. He loves those things. Anytime we talk to a Brit it’s the first thing he brings up.”

RGM: Is there a particular favourite song from another artist where you have always preferred their acoustic version to the original?
Max: “I love “I’m Ready” by Bryan Adams from his VH1 story tellers album.”

RGM:When are you guys next heading into the studio to complete the next album of original songs? Do you have any names of songs that you can’t wait to record?
Max:”Hell no. We can’t tell you that! It’s a surprise! “

RGM:Are there any online gigs us folk in the UK can look forward to seeing?
Max:”Yes! This Saturday Aug 29th you can watch the television debut Campfire Chords. In the UK you can stream it at 8 PM at LiveNation.com. We filmed it outside the city a few weeks ago, and it’s beautiful. Sneak peak here.

You can follow Arkells on social media @arkellsmusic or their website http://www.arkellsmusic.com/ feel free to send them a chocolate orange.

Check out their latest single ‘Quiting You‘ below: