Interview : 60 seconds with Rob Birch from Stereo MC’s, Question 3 is really interesting.

Hi Rob, we’re big fans, welcome to RGM!

1. How was festival season this year for you, any highlights you’d like to share with us?  

It’s difficult to describe …we did a festival out in the country, it was cold and wet and I had the flu….and it was a great show ….some gigs are about breaking barriers for youself and it feels quite incredible

2. You’ve posted a few pictures in the studio recently, what have you been working on?

Some new tracks, a remix for some guys in Berlin and learning to use a usb to DJ. It takes some getting used to after 30 years of evolving from vinyl to cd’s….theres nothing to hold with writing on…

3. To throw a curveball at you, you were recently photographed with Bob Geldof at a #StopBrexit march, tell us a bit about that and what it means to a touring musician like yourself?

The #StopBrexit march was very cool …I’m not feeling Brexit, how it was achieved ,its aspirations or what people think it stands for…its been brought about by nasty devisive individuals who are looking after their own pockets whilst trading on peoples mis-shaped patriotic nostalgia. Therefore I was very happy to march and dj on a mobile dj booth amongst the most peaceful and respectful 100’s of thousands and take part.

I dont yet know what it means….I haven’t met anyone who does.

4. For those who don’t know tell us a bit about your label ‘Connected’, how it came about and what’s on the horizon for the label in 2019?

We started connected about 3 years ago with Terranova (Fetisch who for the last couple of years hasn’t been involved) between London and Cologne (the base of our distributor,Kompakt ). We felt it was time to re-connect with our roots—underground club/electronic music. We release underground artists from all over Europe and also use the label to channel our own releases and remixes. Our flavour is left field afro/deep/techno. We’re about to have our 32nd release with a guy called Re.You and look to be doing more label nights in 2019 and pumping out solid tunes. Our schedule is booked up to June.


5. Can we expect to see a Stereo MC’s UK Tour in 2019?

I’d love to

6. We’re currently just starting to see a bit of a resurgence of 90’s culture; the re-issuing of iconic clothing items, 90’s bands reforming,  90’s-esque branding being applied to new products. Any thoughts on this? … Also because Stereo MC’s became active in the late 80s and have remained active ever since; do you even feel any affinity to the decade?  

I hadn’t noticed …maybe a few acid vibes and 80’s boogie….the whole nineties thing didn’t happen for me, it was a blur of airports,tours,studios and sights and crowds I still think I must have imagined….when I got home i just wanted to go to the local Nisa and get some tea bags and I heard how music had evolved from early house acid and hip hop to dnb techno rave and all the sub genres …. I feel more affinity for the next step in life to be honest even if I’m still wearing the same clothes for the last 5 years….branding sounds like something macdonalds does to animals

7. What do you like to do away from music, are you a film buff, an outdoors type any hobbies that might surprise readers?
I love to read

8. It’s takeaway time; Indian, Chinese, Mexican, Fish and Chips… What’s being ordered?

Japanese/West Indian/Persian

9. What’s on the rider these days?

the night……

10. Anything else you’d like to bring to people’s attention? Any messages for your supporters who might be reading this?

If anyones interested in anything I have to say I’m humbled….I’m just a skinny guy from Nottingham who managed to utilise negative as well as positive energy….thanks to all the haters , you sharpened my sabre and to those who came in Love , my deepest appreciation, we shall walk together again

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, hope you have a good end to 2018 and we look forward to seeing what’s on the cards for next year!