Interview : Gentleman’s Dub Club – You have to hear the answer to question 6 folks.

1. Hi to Gentleman’s Dub Club! You guys have been on the scene for a while, how did it all get started?

We have indeed!  We were all at Uni together up in Leeds and while falling in love with Dub music we just linked up with a speaker, a delay unit and a lot of free time to start recreating this sound we were discovering and after a few months things snowball into playing a few house parties. Once we got in front of people and realised how infectious this music was, there was no going back! 

2. You are officially a nine-piece, how do you organise that? Does everyone manage to turn up to rehearsal and gigs on time?

No and with great difficulty! 

Everyone is pretty cool tbh – all fully fledged adults now and able to read schedules and itineraries. We are lucky in the sense that we all know each other very well and our management has developed was we can pull ourselves together when we need to. Its certainly not easy though….  

3. Your live shows are legendary, stirring up crowds into a frenzy! Are you all about the live shows or do you enjoy recording in the studio just as much?

Its been a real journey for us, we really thrive sharing our sound with an audience but over the last few years have caught the writing bug. We are writing and recording an album every 18 months or so at the moment which has had a massively positive impact on the quality and enjoyment. The studio can be an intimidating place unless you practice and learn to enjoy it. 

4. What’s on the Gentleman’s Dub Club rider these days?

Thats a closely guarded secret!

5. How do your tours go? With such a big bunch of you do you all pile into one bus and continue the party? And how does it compare to the early days of gigging?

All pretty similar tbh! bigger audiences but part from that – its still the ramshackle affair it always has been. Just a group of very good friends sharing some sweet reggae music. 

6. You’ve been smashing festival season recently, with slots at Bestival and Glastonbury. You seem like a band who live for the festival, how did you guys get on at Glasto?

Its always a great show at Glastonbury. We have played it almost every year since we started and hope to continue. festivals are perfect for us, filled with open minded people ready to let go and immerse themselves in the music. 

7. We’re excited for you to be bringing the party to the Leadmill in Sheffield for the “Lost In Space” tour in March. Have you got any other highlights you’re looking forward to in particular?

Yeah its going to be a great show. we have a few shows coming up next year thats we getting excited about. In April we are also playing in Amsterdam at some high area supporting UB40 on their anniversary tour which may be one of the biggest shows were ever played so very very excited to see how that that goes. Otherwise, just really keen to get the new tunes out there and share these fresh vibes!

8. What can people expect from coming to see a Gentleman’s Dub Club gig?

Energy, good vibes, lots of love and high knees.

9. Nice one guys, cheers for talking to us. Really looking forward to your shows, Sheffield’s gonna be a blast!

Absolute pleasure. looking forward to coming back to Sheffield. Thanks a lot. 

Coming to Leadmill Sheffield March 23rd, Tickets Here: https://www.seetickets.com/tour/gentleman-s-dub-club-lost-in-space-tour- I