Interview – Little Man Tate on the reunion.

They are back #Somethingshappening was teased into the social media world lately getting everyone in a tiz, I spent a bit of time with Lead singer Jon Windle to talk through what’s going on.

Little Man Tate are close to a lot of peoples hearts especially in Sheffield it’s lovely in these tricky times to welcome your announcement to reform. What’s made you come back? 

To be honest we’ve had lots of offers and opportunities to get back together but it never was the right time for us as a four. If we were ever going to do it it had to be the four original members of Little Man Tate. The decision was made in January before all this and the timelines were in place so we’ve stuck to them. We were all in a good place and felt ready to do it. Obviously the current situation has turned things on its head somewhat but hopefully, we’ll all be back to some sort of normality come September. The very worst case all tickets will still be valid for a rescheduled date but fingers crossed it won’t come to that. 

I know Jon you have still been working within the Music industry ofter LMT split, how have you seen the music industry change and develop over the last few years? 

I still think it’s a great music scene and with people like yourself continuing to support it it can only continue to stay strong. I think it’s a much harder time to be in a band than it was back when we started out as the industry as a whole isn’t as guitar-based band heavy as it was. That said there’s no reason if a band/artist wants it enough and are prepared to really work for it there’s opportunities there to take. They’ve just got to grab them and believe in what you’re doing 100%

What have the other lads been up to since the band split?

Maz is head of music at a school in London

Bens working for Yorkshire Water and Dans back working in his families business, Fields Fruit And Veg based over in Aston. 

I’m old enough to remember you playing as the moon and your gigs at the boardwalk. How do you think the Sheffield music scene compares now to back then?

I’m not sure as many people randomly go out to just check out new music as they did back then but like I said earlier, the bands are still there. People just need to go out and find them.

LMT at Leeds / Reading fest, the promo vid you brought out shows clips from those shows, what memories and funny stories do you have from playing the biggest stage possible as a band?

Ha ha, I think some were T In The Park as well. It’s strange as it’s the sort of thing you dream of when you first start a band but to actually have the opportunity to do it is unbelievable. In terms of memories, it’s been a long time and those were crazy days but I can remember looking out and spotting family and friends and feeling really proud that they were so proud of me.

Whats the plans on the build up to the 02 Academy in sheffield show? 

We’re just gonna keep trying to deliver interesting content online. Eat less, drink less and try and get fit so we can give as higher energy performance as we did eleven years ago. Practising and trying to remember all the words and music will be handy too.

Are we to expect new music / tour?

To be honest, not right now. We just want to enjoy this show at the o2 academy in Sheffield. It’s all about having fun and making people happy. We’re not going to change music or reinvent the wheel but we can definitely have a blast. There’s no pressure and we’ve nothing to prove or reach for. That’s how we want it to be. We just want to enjoy this night with the fans and hopefully make people happy.

What advice would you give yourself if you could go back in time and have a word with yourself before starting the band?

I’d definitely say think before you speak. We said and did some daft things back then. Things we’d never do or say today. Sometimes you got lost in it all. Trying to grab a headline or something. Too much came into it that detracted from the music and we regret that. However, you can’t dwell on the past and you learn with age and life experience. 

Whats the most Fun you have had on stage?

Good question. I loved the early days at The Boardwalk when it was all a bit of a whirlwind. It was easier to enjoy and appreciate it then. All close and sweaty with ourselves and the crowd sharing a part of our history.

What’s the worst experience you have had on stage?

Maz’s Birthday and we’d all been given a bottle of Jim Beam who were the festival sponsors. We weren’t on til late and we’d got about six hours to kill. We also killed the Jim Beam. Went on stage and it was definitely not level. I went flying but tried to style it out. I’d have been better just hitting the deck. Never lived that down. 

Tell us something about each member that you think people would be surprised about? 

Ben is not a natural blonde

Dan is more intelligent than he looks

Maz Is a huge fan of guacamole

Can’t think of anything interesting about me. Best asking one of them three.

How hard is it going to be to learn the old tunes? 

Very 😉

How do you plan to rehearse as we are going through social distancing?

We have the setlist so we’re just trying to do what we can in lockdown so when we get in the practice room it’ll be near on perfect haha 

What would you like to say to your fans that have been wanting the reunion for a long time?

Thanks, we won’t let you down and these four walls won’t forget tonight. Thank you for wanting us to be back. It means everything.

Tickets for the 02 academy Sheffield show can be found

Friday 18th September 2020 – Sheffield O2 Academy

PRE-SALE – 22nd April 2020 10am via their Mailing List and O2 Priority Customers.

GENERAL SALE – 24th April 2020 10am via Ticket Master.