Introducing Goo Design, Celebrating Music venues in Manchester and Sheffield.

You may have noticed our great new designed live posters. Our Series of RGM Live shows are a pivotal part of supporting new music in Sheffield and Manchester so we wanted to make them special.

We teamed up with sheffield artist Matt Cockayne, owner at Goo Design,

A brief history of Goo Design

5 Years ago I made the bold decision to go into the unknown and go self-employed as an independent artist, leaving my run of the mill graphic design job with a guaranteed monthly salary, paid holidays, paid sickness when needed, plus the joys of seeing your co-workers 70% of the week. 

Little did I know that working on your own can at times be as lonely as maybe being stuck in the wilderness with no company you can quickly loose focus on your objective and find yourself wasting time on social media to find some solace.

Back in 2014 I took that jump and it hasn’t been smooth sailing all the way but it has been a lot more rewarding than working for a boss man and not being as appreciated and valued as you maybe think you should be. 

I for one have had difficulties in employment and on my way to starting Goo I went through 7 different companies little to my knowledge the skills I deemed pointless I now use every day at Goo. 

Over the years my style of art has developed as I have gained new skills, you never stop learning. 

Matt has drawn the music venues we work with delivering the best new up and coming bands to Sheffield and Manchester. The venues include :- The Castle, Manchester, The Frog and Parrot, Sheffield, Jimmy’s Manchester, Cafe Totem, Sheffield, Gullivers, Manchester and Night People, Manchester.

Goo design is currently offering some brand new innovative pieces of unique art.

Sheffield gold foil blocked art Not to be missed they only have x25 of each of the 4 designs available which make these special foil gold artworks very very limited. Each artwork is A3 and is printed on a matt laminate 350gsm card the gold foil blocked design. The artworks I have chosen for this collection are listed below. • The Sheffield Mashup • The Steel City • The Leadmill • Summat wi Relish Priced at £100.00 per artwork.