Introducing : Velvet Shakes ‘We Are Not Alone’ ‘The Place That You Belong”

While being relatively new to the scene, Velvet Shakes have yet again created a beautiful offering of the perfect amalgamation of electronic disco and guitar-lead pop. It is literally impossible not to dance to ‘We Are not Alone’ with its sun tinged harmonies telling tales love and support for each other over subtle shuffling dance beats that lift and fall easy flowing melodies. The track is destined to be the sound track to back yard BBQs and beer gardens when ice is melting into your cider and the smell of sun cream is filling the air.    

‘The  Place Where You Belong’ notches the disco vibes up to another level, moving away from that sweet main stage 6pm festival slot into the realms of losing yourself and possibly your friends in a dance tent in a fairy light lit woods. The vocals and ensnaring harmonies again are faultless; this band is definitely one that needs to be kept an eye on. 

Check them out now added to the RGM Spotify Playlist