Not the usual live act I would tend to cover but a quick prod through Spotify was enough to spark plenty of interest. With a vocal sound of Imelda May as the immediate 1st hitter followed moments of Shirley Manson in her more crooning moments such as Garbage’s Bond track The World Is Not Enough and then add there’s some Primal Scream in there, a bit of The Go! Team and not to mention similarities to my current favourite Little Goth Disco Princess, Freya Beer then you can call me intrigued as to how she will come across live so it’s off back to the much beloved Trades Club to check her out.

The Short Causeway Band.

Having originally formed after a night at the Trades Club then this is some sort of homecoming for this young threesome. Clearly brought some of their fan club (aka mates) with them and more than probably 1 or 2 parents and possibly grandparents…

They’re off to a decent start, the sound is intentionally disjointed going in and out of groove, moving from distopian onto jazz and on to almost reggae at times, overall not too desimilar to Black Midi at times. Some excellent drumming and decent guitar and bass action, vocals not particularly strong and songs slightly repetitive, it’s rough diamond but there’s genuine promise and seeing as the 3 have only just finished their A Levels there’s plenty of time to grow and expand.

Iraina Mancini

Opening with Shotgun  there’s a Lounge lizard vibe going on with the opener, pretty much what I was expecting but this was just a false positive as it’s clear she’s just leading you into her world and there’s so much more to come. Iraina clearly isn’t much a talker between songs, there’s possibly a bit of stage shyness going on as there’s little chat happening between the openers but when she gets into her stride in a song, HOLY FUCKING HELL!!! It is epic, not more so than during current single Sugar High with it’s Wichita Linesman vibe in its opening sound, that voice hits you and hits you hard, where’s the power coming from in this young lady?

The crowd clearly agreeing with my thoughts as looking around there’s a mix of shocked, surprised and I Told You So faces in the room.

Umbrella gives us folk a chance to grasp what we’ve just heard as it takes it back to a lounge singer moment and I can’t but help think this is one of those tracks that live will sound incredible once the touring budget allows for a live brass section & strings. 

What Ya Doin’ shows Iraina’s rockier side and I by this time  it’s clear I’m starting to fall in love with what I’m hearing, I’m not alone, the fact the entire room are now moving too validates my feelings – this girl is something else.

Deep End switches to her upbeat side again and we’re getting reminded of the power and range of her voice one again followed by the final song of the night, Undo The Blue which live has got a much rawer dirty groove going on and that’s it, all done – 50 mins gone in a flash, so much so that Irania remembers and runs back to the mic to remind people to buy her album and merch after she walks off stage, as I said – she’s not much of a talker on stage!

I’m shellshocked & spellbound, I’ve been so unbelievably lucky in catching some amazing new bands and singers this year but tonight Irania Mancini has just leapfrogged the vast majority of them to the top, this girl is nothing short of sensational and an absolute must see if you haven’t already!

Talking of which, she is supporting The Coral at Manchesters New Century Hall on Dec 9th, if you’re going, get down early – you’re in for a treat and if you’re not, grab a ticket for the night – you’ll kick yourself for not doing so when you finally hear her live.

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