Irene Skylakaki – Sutherland Avenue

30th October sees Athens’ Irene Skylakaki drop her fourth release of the year, ‘Sutherland Avenue’, taken from her highly anticipated fourth album ‘Souvenir’. The track follows on from Irene’s previous, highly successful releases ‘Souvenir’, ‘Mary Smiles’ and ‘Dreamy’.

With 3 gorgeous singles and several EP’s already in her discography, Irene Skylakaki excels at making music. Her tracks are best known for their emotional and relatable lyrics which then intertwine with experimental and ever-developing sounds. Irene’s latest single, ‘Sutherland Avenue’ sees her implement an atmospheric approach which is both minimalistic and breathtakingly beautiful.

The lyricism within ‘Sutherland Avenue’ is both intimate and relatable, the lyrics feel vague yet also extremely specific, subjective but relevant. ‘Sutherland Avenue’ feels as if Irene Skylakaki has written a diary entry, and is singing it to the listener, due to the vulnerability within her song writing. Within ‘Sutherland Avenue’, Irene’s impeccable song writing capabilities shine through.

To date, Irene Skylakaki has released 3 studio albums, ‘Wrong Direction, ‘Before Dawn’ and ‘Matterless’, the latter of the 3 being produced by Danton Stupple (who has worked alongside the likes of U2, Morrissey and Coldplay) and features the likes of Richard Jupp from Elbow.

Irene’s previous releases have been received amazingly, her debut single ‘In The Light’ reached Number 1 in the Greek charts and her tracks have also been used in film soundtracks. She has performed alongside the likes of Jessie Ware, Beirut and Toploader amongst many other iconic names, and in 2012 Irene Skylakai became one of the youngest artists to perform at the Athens Concert Hall Garden.

With ‘Sutherland Avenue’, Irene Skylakaki excels with ease, her autobiographical yet personal lyrics will hit home for the listener, helping to develop a meaningful connection with the listener. With her upcoming album set to be released this November, it will be interesting to see how Irene develops and maintains her sound, it will be beneficial for Irene Skylakaki to broaden her sound and lyricisms further.