For nearly fifty years, heavy metal stalwarts Iron Maiden have been entertaining rock fans with their unique, sometimes unpredictable onstage antics, and tonight was no different. The band are stopping off at the AO arena before heading to the capital next week on their ‘Future Past Tour’,

The six piece sixty-somethings continue to deny age, and at times gravity with their dynamic stage presence led by Bruce Dickinson. Dickinson re-joined the band back in 1999 and has been part of the group throughout the bands glittering career.

The pyrotechnics kick in as the band storm the stage full of energy and hi-jinks. Dickinson finally appears in dark steam-punk inspired shades and an overcoat, an unusual get-up but it works. The crowd erupt after the first song was played prior to the band entering the stage, followed by an instrumental, so when they do appear mayhem ensures and pint glasses are launched in celebration.

Dickinson is in fine voice, accompanied by his bandmates, Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Nick McBrain, and Janick Gers. ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ showcases the band at full pelt, proving that this is so much more than a gig it is a full blow theatrical experience. The distinct mixture of metal and rock. Dickinson is an excellent story teller, and treats the crowd to some anecdotes between songs with elaborate use of language. During songs he transforms and relentlessly skips, jumps and twirls around the large stage in between his bandmates.

As well as the classic hits, the band also play material from their most recent album, 2021’s ‘Senjutsu’, released to critical acclaim. Highlights of the evening included ‘The Prisoner’ and of course finishing with a strong three song encore.

The band are in London on Friday 7th July and Saturday 8th. Tickets and further information can be found HERE, but be quick as I expect with dates to be sold out by showtime! Rumour has it that Eddie The Head might make an appearance too!

Set List

Caught Somewhere in Time
Stranger in a Strange Land
The Writing on the Wall
Days of Future Past
The Time Machine
The Prisoner
Death of the Celts
Can I Play With Madness
Heaven Can Wait
Alexander the Great
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden

Hell on Earth
The Trooper
Wasted Years