We review the new single from Ist Ist – Everything Is Different Now

The impending doom and darkened Ist Ist’s Everything Is Different Now may leave you sleeping with one eye open, but it will still drag you back for another listen.

Ceremonial and apocalyptic overtones are present throughout. The tone is set with the instrumental opener ‘Entry’ which conjures up imagery of industrial wasteland and abandoned towns. The fact this track lacks lyrics makes it all the more dark, almost as if it is harboring a secret we are yet to learn.


‘Exist’ is where they get into full swing. At its core this song is the only one that provides any hope in what is a very eerie 6 tracks. “Your Existence, Your Resilience” is bellowed out throughout a track which feels distinctly like an Editors or even Joy Division tune, but with their own unique spin. As always with this piece though there is a sinister feeling coming though from the bass and in the breaks between the keys, leaving you asking what he is actually talking about. It really is like a watching a film and waiting for the next act.

We delve deeper into this puzzling story with ‘Son is the Father’ which as you can tell from the name has strange religious overtones to it. We hear of “Constant Surveillance” and this ongoing feeling of a post apocalyptic setting is heightened to the maximum.

We move on into ‘Jennifer’s Lips’ which you could be forgiven for thinking is relatively upbeat, but in truth the dark underlying ideas of this song are cleverly hidden with some frivolous keys. We hear about the venom of her lips, and how the protagonist can never give her what she wants. There is a desperation to the track, something present throughout the EP, which combined with the monotone vocals is what really provides the darkness at the heart of the sound.

If this were a film, ‘I Want to Disappear’ is the bridge where our main character has lost all hope. This is more Nick Cave than Joy Division. Stripped back, desperate, pleading, and painful. A sound almost like white noise echoes behind looping piano and drums replicating a heart beat. This is the high point of the EP, it reaches to the most desolate parts of your heart and pulls on their strings. It really is masterful songwriting.

The only criticism I can have of Everything Is Different Now is closing track ‘Undignified’. The EP has a natural progression, of mixing the sinister with joyful keys, coming to a head, and then stripping everything dead with the previous track. It should have finished there. The closing feels like a sort of reprisal that doesn’t fully take off, but having said that it does close out well with instrumentals much like the opening, almost bringing it full circle.

It’s hard to sum this up in one swift closing sentence, because I’m still not sure what I have listened to, but one thing I do know, I want to hear it again.