The last time I saw IST IST in their hometown was at the latter end of 2021 at Academy 2. Since then the post punk four piece consisting of Adam Houghton, Mat Peters, Andy Keating and Joel Kay have continued to thrive, building up a massive fan base not just in their hometown, but way beyond, selling out shows across the world and making a name for themselves in Europe.

The band have just come back from across the pond after playing SXSW festival in Texas with some other homegrown Northern bands including the fantastic Hara, The Orielles and Circa Waves.

The band are currently in the middle of the UK leg of their tour to promote their latest album ‘Protagonists’. The album mixes 80’s psychedelic with their original post-punkiness origins. Honest song writing from a band that really does wear its heart on its sleeve. With touches of Interpol and Joy Division, combined with a beefier editors filter throughout, but this band sings its own tune.

After nearly ten years together, the band played a fine selection of tracks, mixing old and new. These industrial post punkers present song writing that is lapped up and mouthed back to them by a passionate and infused audience. The show was especially poignant as for long-time fans you can see how the band have developed and grown together through the years, and this sold out gig in their hometown was certainly one of the hotly ticketed events last night.

The band continue their tour across the UK with stop-offs in Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, London and more, with a performance in Whitby as part of their annual Tomorrow’s Ghosts Festival. All information regarding the tour and how to purchase ‘Protagonists’ can be found HERE

Set List

  1. Stamp You Out
  2. Jennifer’s Lips
  3. Fat Cats Drown in Milk
  4. Watching You Watching Me
  5. All Downhill
  6. Discipline
  7. Mary in the Black and White Room
  8. A New Love Song
  9. It Stops Where it Starts
  10. Something Has to Give
  11. Fool’s Paradise
  12. The Waves
  13. Heads on Spikes
  14. Black
  15. Nothing More Nothing Less
  16. Trapdoors
  17. Emily
  18. Extreme Greed
  19. You’re Mine
  20. Slowly We Escape