Ivy Eye – Peace of Mind

A debut single needs to steal your mind that much that you forget about other artists you were already listening to, and Ivy Eye’s debut simply does that. Infused with disco-pop vibes that could easily gain the duo a support slot for artists such as Dua Lipa or CHIC, Ivy Eye are the definition of a memorable festival band. “Peace of Mind” features classic disco elements such as fast-paced bass-lines and bewitching guitar hooks, while also nudging contemporary R&B elements too.

Exploring their love for modern pop songwriting, this track could find its way dancing to the top of the charts, or becoming a dance challenge on TikTok, either way – it’ll be successful. Turning the COVID-19 pandemic into a special formation, Ivy Eye have turned the negative situation into a sort of positive by perfecting their songs and making their signature sound.

What makes the track extra special is, you can put your own interpretation on its message. Sounding like something you’d stick on for motivation to get over a breakup , or a song that will instantly boost your mood and get those endorphins flowing, whatever interpretation, it’ll leave you smiling from ear to ear. Hoping to bring positivity to the nation during these uneasy times, ‘Peace of Mind’ grabs hold of you and tells you to be right here, in this present moment and live every moment to the full.