Izzy Day – Silence

When you think of soul as a genre, most will envision a gentle piano, and guitar with a gentle voice leading a downbeat song that explores themes of what it is to be human. 

Izzy Day’s, Silence, pulls it into a modern day lens. With a drum machine providing percussions and a low key beat to her song. It’s a strong move that sets Izzy Day apart from more classic contemporaries. 

As far as Silence as a song goes, it explores deep themes of pushing forward in a relationship, though it’s never stated clearly whether it’s necessarily romantic. With lyrics such as “even if we’re driving into the darkness”, and, “even if we’re staring at the sun”, there’s this clear willingness to push through the good and the bad. 

It’s a beautiful gesture in a beautiful song. Izzy Day’s vocal delivery is incredibly gentle and delicate. It perfectly fits the soul genre with breathy delivery and a moody feel that is only accentuated by the minimal backing track. 

Silence is a song that takes some of the more modern methods used in genres such as hip hop, trap and low fi pop, and makes them work in a gentle Soul styled ballad. It’s with these modern trappings that Izzy Day is really carving out her own space within music and making quite the impact.