J-Carter – Take Hip Hop Back

Keeping it real and working his way to the top, J-Carter is an independent artist with big plans for the future. Driven with real passion and purity, the multi-instrumentalist is one to watch in the hip hop world. “Take Hip Hop Back” features all of the ingredients to make a fun-loving rollercoaster ride of humanity. 

“Fake Cats Fall Back” isolates a strange atmospheric background behind Carter’s mc vocals at the front of the mix. It’s dramatic but it holds your attention throughout the number. “Keeps On Raining” features boy band vibes in the chorus then goes back to it’s roots of a wide range of rapping. This number is a collaboration with C-Jae.

“Look What You Done” is a rhythmical wonderland. Bouncing off each other, J-Carter includes Kidd Dreams in this playful track. Oozing with passion, the electrifying attitude of both artists is dreamy. “Miss My Baby” already has over 15,000 streams on Spotify and it’s no surprise really. Nostalgic and filled with a juicy flavouring of musical goodness, the arrangement plays a high-spirited dentity that can’t be ignored. A strong contender on the album so far. 

“No Arguments” gives off insane amount of Kendrick Lamar vibes and it’s great to hear an influence from other artists on this album. J-Carter is very distinctive and keeps a strong versatility within his music. This number feels like I’ve just been transported to the 90’s to the hip hop scene in the East Coast. “Out The Door” is J-Carter’s most played song on streaming sites and it really isn’t a shock. This has to be THE strongest track on the album just because of it’s constant flow. There’s no traps into any sections that don’t work. It all flows in a direction that’s constantly building. Dynamically, it’s wonderful. Musically, it’s like taking a ride into the brain of J-Carter. A stand out track for sure. 

“Spit Raw Wit It” is a collab with Cleva Thoughts and the way that the two artists vibe which each other is truly breathtaking. Sticking to more of a retro soul root, “Stop Comparing Me” is simply about keeping yourself original. It attracts a simple but effective groove that also includes a slowed down sample of what sounds like Candy Girl by New Edition.“Take Hip Hop Back” of course is the title track on the album. Journeying our way through the 90’s again, the retro vibes are back once again, but this time it feels slightly more refreshing. This number includes Maya Miko on vocals.

“That Hotness” brings the realness to the table. We’ve heard J-Carter keeping it real throughout, but the human passion through the track is an eye opener to who true this album really is. Once again, there’s a rich flow of pure lyrical genius throughout, which definitely carries on from the start of the album right to the finish. “The One for Me” adds a subtle but prominent spice to the mix. The modulated vocals that fit in the background are the missing ingredient to what would have been a dull track without. Arranged with gold, this number features Genieve on vocals. 

Overall, it’s a fascinating addition into J-Carter’s world. Also, this isn’t even all of the track. If you’re liking what you hear and want more, there’s another 27 tracks you can hear from the album. Stream the album now, you won’t be disappointed!