Opening with the feeling of someone hitting the power on button. Merry-go-round starts off with an electrical echo that vastly gathers tempo before it erupts into the profound angst lyrics of someone who has grown and learned how to channel heartbreak into a hit! Because this is what we are dealing with here. A hit anthemic song that is truly memorable and iconic enough to be among the classics in years to come.

It has everything you could ask for in a alt indie song. The epic singalong opening, through to the repetitive chorus line, to the break down which then erupts into the ultimate singalong finisher.

It has it all and surely is set for great things. Already getting some amazing airplay on radio stations around the globe. 23 year old Jack B. Dawson has a promising career ahead of him.

Releasing his debut EP ‘LUBO’ back in late 2017 and with some amazing live performances to date.
Re-releasing ‘Merry-go-round’ as the epic tune it now is. Will be one of the best decisions he will have made this year in my opinion. It has such potential to blow up and be the song that everyone sings. That ear worm that just never leaves! But not in the annoying way baby shark is.

Whilst I do not wish heartbreak and toxic relationships on anyone. It clearly has gave Jack the basis to write some exceptional songs and I for one hope to hear some more epic tunes from this Stockport native.
“Merry-go-merry-go, stuck in a merry-go, merry-go” it’s definitely stuck in my head for the foreseeable.
Check it out now. Streaming on all platforms.