Jack B Dawson : Mexican Scar

Jack B. Dawson’s latest single ‘Mexican Scar’ is that kind of mellow and relaxed, yet cheery tune made for a sunny afternoon. Good mood music is worth praising.

Mexican Scar’ is a laid-back ramble centred around the humble simplicity of the acoustic guitar, with some piano and electric to add the flavour and a strong drum beat to give the track some purpose. It’s bright and breezy and easy on the ears.

In terms of lyrics, ‘Mexican Scar’ leans a bit too much on its hook, which is decently catchy but ends up overused by the end of the track. The instrumentation and, to an extent, the words conjure up a pretty clear time and place, but the ideas could have been taken further to create something really encapsulating rather than simply pleasant.

Mexican Scar’ is a solid composition with an important role to play in that is fills you with contentment. It makes you relax into your seat rather than sit up on the edge of it, but there’s nothing wrong with that, and Jack B. Dawson has done a creditable job here.

Jack is supporting Tom Hingley at POP in Hyde on the 27th September.  All the gig info is on their facebook event HERE