Jack Beech – Blue Hour

London-based producer Jack Beech takes the reins on his own project EP ‘Noctilucent’ and its lead single ‘Blue Hour’.

Having spent years working with other artists in his native Manchester, Jack moved to London expanding both his networks and experience – including assisting award-winning composer Walter Mair and mixing music for Christian Heschl. Continuing to work as an engineer, producing and composing music across a variety of media – the idea of creating solo work peaked in this last difficult year with the artist himself experiencing the illness of Covid-19. But through adversity, creativity glistens.

The multi-instrumentalist truly utilises all tools at his disposal in this piece (exceeding just over the three minute mark) through a mixture of soundscapes and textures giving a cinematic depth to the track.

Sparked by woozy synths and echoing percussion – the opening gives the feeling of a dream-like state. There’s a slow build as flourishing piano notes and bittersweet strings are added. These are gradually followed by more electronic effects at varying speeds. This build and layering of instruments creates a rich and full sound to the track, which is then stripped back towards the end leaving keys and strings to take centre stage. 

Particularly in a year of uncertainty, there’s a real quality of enlightenment that comes through – the word ‘noctilucent’ itself meaning “shining at night”. This composition paints that moment of epiphany after dark times. Of “having full clarity in a perfect moment” Beech explains.

Uplifting and euphoric, yet with a strong sense of calm. ‘Blue Hour’ is that twilight period, that stepping stone of anticipation and (to throw another idiom in there) perhaps the light at the end of the tunnel we’ve been waiting for.