Jack Hyphen – I Wanna Know (For Once)

Jack Hyphen’s newest release is sprinkled with potential, the beginnings of an ideas pool that I just wish was more expansive. The building blocks are certainly there, decent pipes, an ear for what clicks in the listener’s brain, and a genuine attempt to keep the song inventive. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it has all come together as intended, but my main bug bare with this track isn’t what has been presented in it, it’s what I feel is missing from the finished product.  

There are two examples of what I’m trying to get at, firstly in verse two. The awkward jolted percussive stabs are a welcome innovation in the track, but here attention has to paid to bands such as Cassia and the likes. They own their sound, a tropical gleaming indie that is so polished it’s almost blinding, and when they approach these monosyllabic moments there is quite simply no excuse for anything to be less than exactly where it’s supposed to be. With ‘I Wanna Know (For Once)’, the initial idea is there, just the execution needs to be that much more anal and on it to better achieve the sound Jack Hyphen is aiming at. 

Secondly, the construction of atmosphere that soars above the listeners head, flying from lughole to lughole, is vital to the success of this track and I’m not entirely sold. As we’re slowed to a walk by a delicate bridge, the half time crashes that follow have me crying out for something more substantial.

The re-emergence of bands like Lonely The Brave is perhaps the best parallel to draw. The depth to their production, the intricacies in finding ways to make the listener really FEEL different parts of their music, and the weight with which it all does this is something Jack Hyphen could really utilise to his advantage. 

‘I Wanna Know (For Once)’ isn’t going to be one of the Abbey Road success stories just yet, but that by no means rules out Jack Hyphen entirely. There’s an interesting and well-versed artist here, and with all the ingredients, he could be onto something.