Jake Aldridge – King Of The World

Award-winning rapper turned vocalist Jake Aldridge releases heartfelt, pop number ‘King Of The World. Leaving rap music behind to focus on pop music with a gentle fragrance of country, Jake Aldridge has never looked back. Firmly finding his feet within the industry, it’s safe to say, Jake has found his ‘sound’ and also, soulmate in the latest release.

Finding love through an online dating app, the inspiration behind the new release  came when Jake proposed to his now fiancée.

Written especially to the love of his life, the incredible pop single is portrayed through rose-tinted glasses. Co-produced by Argentinian music producer Dam Dominici and Suffolk multi-instrumentalist David Booth, this track is the definition of the love hearted face emoji. 

‘King Of The World’ is an intriguing commercial-pop number with elements of country in its mix. While its lyrics may come across as cheesy, the track is destined to make you smile with its vision.

A track that will leave you desperately wanting to see your loved one, or find that special someone to have by your side, it shows that love is the most powerful thing in this world. 

As The Beatles stated folks, all you need is love.