Live editor Hels hot footed it over to Liverpool to catch up with Jake Bug for his one night at Liverpool’s Olympia gig for a special evening to celebrate ten years since the release of Bugg’s debut album.

This evening, fans of Nottingham born singer-songwriter Jake Bugg flocked to the Olympia in Liverpool for a special evening of live music. Ten year have passed since Bugg released his debut album, and four more albums have followed, making the last decade a rousing success,

I briefly caught up with Jake in the maze of corridors and stairwells that makes up the backstage of the Olympia. One of Bugg’s most loved songs ‘Trouble Town’ is used in the credits for award winning BBC show Happy Valley. Bugg said that many fans of the show became fans of his after hunting down the track following the show, and discovering his music, however he has never actually watched the show, I said its pretty decent and worth a watch (I have to say that, it was filmed in my hometown!).

We recently caught Bugg at Bingley Weekender and he said he was happy to be amongst such a top line-up (Noel Gallagher, The Cribs and Lottery Winners were on the bill). Bugg said he was a little anxious about this evening’s show. The singer was due to play two sets, one intimate acoustic set, and then the second half with his band.

He needn’t have been worried. The sold out audience of nearly 2000 lapped up every word. The acoustic set saw Bugg play some slower numbers including ‘Strange Creatures’ and finishing with ‘Hold Tight’.

The next set featured Bugg with his full band and the energy levels increased as high tempo numbers from his debut album (which has recently been remastered) were played including the crowd pleasers ‘Two Fingers’ and of course ‘Lightning Bolt’. Bugg is a naturally warm performer, in that he interacts politely with fans, and seems genuine and grateful for their love and support, often thanking fans for being there, and humbled at their continued cheering throughout his set.

For more information about Jake Bugg and his forthcoming tour dates you can visit his official website HERE.

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