Jali Mudd – Anthemaholic

Jali Mudd are a North London based duo specialising in creating music without any barriers. Following on from the release of their two singles ‘Darling’ and ‘Make You Smile’, their debut album ‘Anthemaholic‘ is here.

Lotto‘ begins with a slight sinister entrance before ending up as an experimental wonder filled with art mannerisms, and a whole lot of confusion. If this is the first track you hear from Jali Mudd, you’re in for a treat. Just under 6 minutes long, the song is a genre neutral experience.

Previously heard single ‘Make You Smile’ does exactly what it says on the tin. Grooving into a funhouse of colours, the bass line drives through with guidance. The vocals on the track are hard to hear in parts, and could be a lot more prominent. A journey of discovery, the instrumentation in this track is iconic. ‘There’s A Place‘ soothes the release with it’s vulnerable arrangement. Jazz inspired and highlighting a melancholic structure, Jali Mudd’s renowned sound is still there and let’s you in with open arms. One of the most vintage sounding tracks on the release, the lo-fi production grows as the track progresses.

7 minute long ‘Sugar Pie‘ is a tasty look into what this band are truly capable of, serving their music on a silver platter. Title track ‘Anthemaholicmay not be for everyone. One of, if not the most experimental track on the release, the exotic number is hard to pin-point. Thinking out of the box, it’s loose structure is unexpected, and feels like we’ve been transported to Hendrix’s ‘Electric Ladyland’. If you’re into hard-hitting funk with a twist of psychedelia, this will be right up your street.

Darling‘ feels the most modernised out of all the tracks. It’s something you’d hear on a funk playlist on Spotify, and deserves a place in your heart. Filled with swirling synths and a vibrant arrangement, ‘Darling’ is brave and charismatic. ‘Leave the City’ ends the release in true Jali Mudd manner, but this time in form of a heartfelt ballad. The album is a psychedelic trip criticising modern dystopia and highlighting their 70’s and 80’s funk and soul influences, Jali Mudd are creating something completely different with their sound.