James Beckwith – Celeste (Remix)

London based keys player and producer James Beckwith joins forces with David MraPkor and guitarist Charlie Allen for a remix of his latest track Celeste.

A marriage of experimental beats and an ultra-funky, this remix sees an already irresistible track transformed to another level. The inclusion of MraPkor and Allen takes his subtle, emotion filled keys track and turns it into an almost unrecognisable tune packed full of groove, that will leave even the stiffest listener unable to resist its beats.

Through all of its transformations, tweaks and changes though, at the heart of it still remains the core of the original track, which he described as being about his fascination with space and the unknown.

If anything, the additions only gives it an even greater sense of mystery and adventure as it retains an eeriness hiding in the background, even if the added beat almost feels as if you have discovered a dance floor somewhere in the stratosphere.

Since he began to make his name we have slowly seen Beckwith develop his sound into a bigger, fuller bowl of noise. With this though, he has took a huge stride away from his established roots in favour of reaching out to a new and exciting base. The fact they retain the charm and all uniqueness of the original is testament to all involved. This track oozes quality with its eclectic mix of genres, and we eagerly await their next combination.