James were on fine form as they played the first of two nights at Halifax’s fabulous venue The Piece Hall. The West Yorkshire town has attracted huge names to this beautiful historic 18th century former cloth hall.

Hosted by the fabulous Rhodes media, the town is finally getting the recognition it deserves, with this end of Halifax buzzing with busy bars, restaurants and of course this run of gigs which open up the summer season ready for tourists. As a Halifax girl, it is heartwarming to see this once near abandoned venue come to life with independent businesses. It was made for events like tonight.

The weather is perfect (less said about the weather on the Saturday the better – but no spirits were dampened apparently). As the suns sets over the clock tower in the distance, Tim Booth makes his way onto the stage.

The band open with ‘Johnny Yen’, followed by ‘What For’ and then crowd favourite ‘Walting Along’. It was at this moment the crowd were in for a special treat as Booth leapt down from the stage and gracefully balanced on the barrier (with the support of a few bewildered fans). For the entire song, Booth perched on the railing holding onto a fans arm, with another steadying his leg. The crowd lapped it up and sang along.

The band are currently on a European tour which continues in Europe for the remainder of the month. James are also making a number of festival appearances this summer and further information can be found HERE.

James Played;

  1. Johnny Yen
  2. What For
  3. Waltzing Along
  4. All The Colours of You
  5. Interrogation
  6. Born of Frustration
  7. Space
  8. Out to Get You
  9. Hymn From a Village
  10. Medieval
  11. Getting Away With it (All Messed Up)
  12. Just Like Fred Astaire
  13. Moving On
  14. Nothing But Love
  15. Sit Down
  16. Sometimes
  17. Laid

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