James Stephen – Until You

With a very positive and incredibly easy listening sound, Until You never hits a point where it becomes too soppy or crooning.

There’s a very minimalist feel, and a borderline gospel sound, utilising acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano and a Church organ. There’s a very distinct theme of loss that’s accentuated by the organ music that bellows out. 

Until You begins with a description of how good life has been since a girl entered the singers life, but goes on to become this saddened track that’s more about reminiscing than about love. The dour tone coupled with the overall hopeful feeling is what really holds the song together. 

The very old school rock, played at a low tempo with long lingering notes is put to great usage here. The small and easy listening nature, coupled with the ever relatable theme of love and love lost, makes it all the more charming. With James’s smooth and borderline cracking voice making for a perfect serenade to any listener. 

Regardless of the saddening subject matter, Until You makes for an incredibly relaxing track for a lazy afternoon. But it never fully commits to sending you to sleep. Instead, Until You closes with a beautiful instrumental section that’s been teased throughout, letting the guitar take full centre stage as it closes out the song in a powerful fashion whilst never picking up too much tempo to spoil anything.