Jamie Ainslie – Ready For This / Hundred Miles

Nearly a year since his solo debut – Jamie Ainslie treats us to double A-side release – ‘Ready For This’/’Hundred Miles’. With the Covid-19 pandemic screwing up a lot of musicians’ recording and studio time these last few months – the Hartlepool-born artist brings two brand new tunes to the table to follow on from March 2020 track ‘Recover’.

The football-mad musician, based in Manchester, also plays in 3-piece alt-rock band Aces & Sinners back in his native North East. While their releases pack some definite punk influences – Ainslie’s solo work seems to give more of a nod to the ’90s/’00s indie bands his new home-city is famed for.

‘Ready For This’ is a pulsing, punchy-paced number. At just over 2 and half minutes long – it may be short and sweet, but it’s certainly an earworm of a track and guaranteed to be radio-friendly. With beat-heavy drums, sharp clunky guitars, and a steady rocking rhythm – we’re taken through the back and forth of girl and boy. There’s a certain pop-punk quality to Ainslie’s vocals – but also a Liam Gallagher-esque timbre. Its an unconventional style that may not be everyone’s cuppa tea – but works well here. The chorus is catchy and almost chant-like..

“I’m ready / Are we ready for this?”
A perfect song to psych you up for a night out – remember those?

There’s a more laid-back feel to ‘Hundred Miles’ with a slower-paced beginning that steadily builds. Retaining the vocals and beat-heavy percussion, Ainslie sings of a desperate search..
“It’s a long long way without you / A hundred miles to go”
A storytelling track of the journey to find someone with melancholic keys and zesty guitar strums.

It’s clear this release shows some clear growth from ‘Recover’ – there’s a fuller feeling in both sound and lyrical content. I’m ready to see what he does next..

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