Jamie___rees – hate me!

Edinburgh LGBTQ+ icon Jamie___rees is certainly going to turn heads with the new single ‘Hate Me’. Eccentric in places but certainly able to steal anyone’s attention, and for the right reason, this artist is destined to become the next shining star from Scotland.

Infusing bedroom pop with a cinematic production that could easily sell out a stadium, Jamie’s music radiates originality and most importantly, independence. An empowering artist that comes across as quirky and highly energetic, Jamie’s new single will easily become his biggest hit yet.

Following in the footsteps of his previous EP ‘The Jami-EP #1′ and recent single ’21’, ‘hate me!’ is bathed with confidence. The ultimate comeback single that tells the story about online trolls, the track celebrates being hated and revelling in the attention of negative backlash.

This track really reminds me of the quote ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Something we’ve all encountered, online hate, unfortunately, isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon. Instead, changing perspective and realising self-worth is so important, and that’s exactly what Jamie’s done.

Stating that you’re imperfections are your perfections, this vibrant number pays ode to artists such as Björk, Kate Bush and Charli XCX, but is completely recognisable as Jamie’s own.