Jarra – Nothing New

There is so much potential in Jarra’s debut single, but unfortunately ‘Nothing New’ doesn’t reach its full potential. The song feels like it is trying too hard to be something new which lets it down and it is a shame for the young band.

The main concern with the song, is it seems to be missing a bass line or at least the bass is too quiet, and in turn the guitar has to overcompensate. This leads to a fast and funky guitar riff that overpowers the other elements of the song. Its shame because you hear a lot of skill in the guitar, but it doesn’t quite find its place in the song and feels out of pace.

The song shines with its vocals though, they are powerful and make you want to hear them more and more. The song’s main focus should be the vocals rather than the guitar as they have a really talented singer in the mix.

I am looking forward to hearing more from Jarra. ‘Nothing New’ may not be the best debut single but you can hear that they have the talent there. They are like a puzzle at the moment, they have all the pieces, but they just need to put them together correctly. They are a young band so have plenty of time to figure themselves out and definitely worth keeping an eye on.