Jay Morgan – Come Back Home

A powerful debut single from Leeds singer songwriter Jay Morgan as he etches all the pain and anguish from his experiences over the past few months into three-and-a-half minutes outpouring of emotion.

Having been singing for over twenty years, it took a pandemic for him to discover his talent stretched to songwriting too. Written from his bed as he fought against illness, this song tells the story of his battle to get himself feeling better whilst concurrently being filled with worry for his healthcare working partner, just hoping they would come back home.

Blessed with such vigour in his voice, he conveys the confusion, even desperation we have all felt through this period with captivating results. The real distinguishing ability he shows in this track though is his ability to acknowledge the hurt and pain, but still produce a piece of music in which the overriding feelings are of hope and love.

Backed only by minimalist instrumentals, Come Back Home relies solely on Jay Morgan’s voice and newfound ability in songwriting to carry it and pulls it off seemingly effortlessly. The simplicity of much of his lyrics, as he talks of the bath being run and dinner being on for his partner whom he was so worried about, makes this not only relatable but inspiring.

All of these beautiful elements he has squeezed into this debut, though, would be wasted if he didn’t have the voice to carry off such an emotionally charged song. Luckily for us though he’s got that too. Having been in bands and performed over the last two decades he’s developed a uniquely melodic and dynamic sound which is instantly memorable, and undeniably compelling.

To think this is his first attempt and song writing, not to mention that it was written whilst bedbound with illness, only further adds to the excitement that this could be the start of something quite special, let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next installment.