Jay Phelps – I’ve Got A Crush On You (ft. Mhari Aurora)

Jay Phelps presents his latest track I’ve Got A Crush On You that both fits the chilled vibes of a jazz venue and that of a club dancefloor.

The Canadian-born, London-based trumpeter is assisted by Mhari Aurora on vocals whose soft and soaring vocals are both sensual and enchanting. What starts off as smooth and slow jazz, explodes 30 seconds into a bass-heavy and grimey floor-filler track. It’s a track bursting with positivity.

At the same time, the track still hails to its jazz influences with Phelps’ trumpet fills jumping around the energetic drum beats. The chorus combines all of the elements of the track, with swinging jazz brass taking the bass for a dance. The chorus’ vocals give the track extra flare and though let out in sharp bursts, Aurora’s repetition of the song title grooves around in your head.

I’ve Got A Crush On You ends how it begins. It drifts off with slowly picked guitars that have a soothing tone. Phelps lets the trumpets come down from the energy that has been felt throughout the track with a sense of class.

Phelps who has famously played with artists such as Amy Winehouse, looks to be taking jazz in an exciting direction by mixing it with electrifying club sounds. To fit an experimental jazz vibe into modern DJ music has plenty of potential for getting classic trumpet playing onto huge club scenes.

The track is the first release from the upcoming Broken Standards EP on SoulEndvr Records.

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