Jay Tennant – Star Chasing

Second City songwriter Jay Tennant returns with new single Star Chasing. Drenched in post-punk nostalgia whilst simultaneously maintaining a cultivatingly modern feel, this is without doubt his best track to date.

Emanating vibes similar to fellow Birmingham band Editors, Tennant seems to have perfected his mix of moody, swooning vocals with the ferocity of his very up to date guitar rhythms. Star Chasing is both gloomy and vibrant, despairing but optimistic as it crashes through its melancholic verses which contrast effortlessly with the anthemic chorus.

The real kicker which gives this track its energy is the unrelenting indie riff which accompanies the vocals throughout. Without such an enamouring sound you’d worry if this may struggle to feel contemporary rather than simply retreading an already well walked path. However this addition gives it the feel of a unique reimagining of the sound, far from a mere copy.

Tennant’s vocals are also unmistakable. With a hint of midlands drone mixed with endless power and venom, you feel he could go on to experiment with so many different sounds. From the slightly subdued melodies through the verses, to the way he thrusts into the chorus with such intensity it really is a track that keeps you on your toes.

There’s no way to really summarise this track without repeating what an exciting talent Tennant is within the independent music scene at the moment. His song writing continues to develop and surprise, and with such range abundant in this song alone, one cannot fail to be excited and intrigued about where his sound will go next, hopefully we won’t have to wait long to find out.