Jaymotts – Sandra’s New Car

Following the right path to success, Jaymotts are the type of band that don’t stick to any old guidelines. A duo based in Cambridge, the two-piece take listeners through realms of indie with a cinematic funk cutting edge to their craft.

Combining their shared love for music and humour to create music that will leave you with a big smile radiating to your loved ones, the new single ‘Sandra’s New Car is highly elevating. Jiving through with a disco-esque bass-line, the funk based single is groovy and destined to leave you dancing around your room.

Showcasing their British humour and London accents, the duo creates quirky humorous music to brighten up anyone’s day. A story of one women’s life and how it flipped upside down on a single day. Dramatical and definitely theatrical too, ‘Sandra’s New Car‘ is one of those tracks where you don’t know what to expect. Sticking with that iconic quote of ‘expect the unexpected’, Jaymotts are quirky, funny and highly unique.

A vibrant soundscape armed with personality and character, ‘Sandra’s New Car’ features an electrifying performance from Jonathan Hall and Chris Le Mottée. As for the operatic style vocals!? This track is innovative and bound to leave you slightly clueless. Crank the music up and enjoy just over 3 minutes of pure charisma.