JEBS – Tigres Babouins

JEBS, aka the new musical project of alternative French artist and producer JB Pilon, releases the french-language anthem ‘Tigres Babouins‘. The follow-up to previous single Instant Précis, both singles have been released ahead of his debut full-length album due out next summer. ‘Tigres Babouins’ is a psychedelic number that nudges towards lo-fi and alternative rock, and creating a multi-genre avenue, the new release has a vintage feel to its instrumentation.

Psychedelia is far from over, it just has a new face…

Sleazy and featuring one of the tastiest bass lines you’ll hear in a while, ‘Tigres Babouins’ grooves into next week with ease. Known for being an accomplished producer in the industry, JEBS works at Buffalo Studios in London, and has done for the past 10 years.

Taking centre stage in the latest release, you can hear various genre influences shine through the cracks. Bathed in a euphoric soundscape, the nostalgic presence of ‘Tigres Babouins’ is vibrant and transports listeners back to the 70s. A spacious release that uses an atmospheric music video to convey it’s message,. Experimental and addictive, somebody get this track on the Killing Eve soundtrack!