JEKYLL – Tear Ourselves In Two

The nightmarish sounds of JEKYLL’s new single will descend you into the fragmented psyche of a broken person. Eerie vocals and spooky guitar melodies drag you through the darkness, whether you like it or not. This contemplative tune will leave you torn apart (in the best way possible).

Joel Foster’s vocals are devastatingly delicate, gliding over the rhythm of the acoustic guitar and accompanied by the equally melancholy howls of electric guitar. I admire the ambitiousness of the chorus: with its repetitive and simple vocal line. This is hard to pull off, and JEKYLL do that comfortably. The gloomy line ‘Tear Ourselves In Two’ holds more weight each time it is said, and the ambiguous meaning forces us, listeners, to make our minds up. 

Despite the darkness that this song brings, it expresses gratitude for having someone to help you through hard times. And this is incredibly relevant in the current times we are living in: finding a way through to the other side despite all that life may throw at you. 

Alongside the original, JEKYLL have released an acoustic version of ‘Tear Ourselves In Two’. With its forlorn piano melodies and quieter chorus, this delicate approach works excellently with the wistful tone JEKYLL are trying to allude to. 

Interestingly, JEKYLL is the name of a fictional character who has split personalities, and the idea of ‘splitting yourself in two’ lends a hand to this. Much like this song, the novel infuses horror and dark themes into an ordinary situation. Perhaps ‘Tear Ourselves In Two’ is not just about having somebody to rely on, but something deeper than this. 

The music video for ‘Tear Ourselves In Two’ is now out, and it is as dark and ghostly as you would expect. It also feeds into this beautiful use of simplicity we hear in the song, with a plain black background and minimal camera shots of the band members.