Jen Dixon is a singer/songwriter from Teeside she records and produces her music in her bedroom studio. She spent the first years of her musical life hidden behind the drum kit, playing in a band that recorded at Abbey Road Studios and performed at Green Man Festival . She taught herself guitar whilst studying for a degree in Music Technology, dreaming of being at the front of the stage. In the last couple of years Jen has come into her own, singing and playing guitar around the Teesside area. In 2022 Jen is venturing out of Teesside and has gigs booked at O2 Academies, as well as big summer festivals where she will be playing with her talented band.

1.’Hypersonic Missiles’ by Sam Fender

A fellow North Easterner! Sam Fender is so so talented, and probably my first choice for an artist to collaborate with (I can dream right?). His debut album and what a smasher. Its hard to pick a best track from the album, but this single is genius. A view of the world in his eyes, how its declining politically and socially. I really love how he isn’t afraid to share his views.”

2.’Black Chandelier’ by Biffy Clyro

I love the opening ‘Drip’ lines, it grabs my attention straight away. Every time I hear this song it makes me want to be in a band, smashing the drums and singing along. The album itself is quite underrated in my opinion, but then they have so many albums I guess they can’t please everyone every time. “

3: ‘Tesselate’ by Alt-J

An awesome wave’ is an amazing album, and definitely one to listen to top to bottom. It’s a great example of Alt-J’s style and finest work. I think its their most ‘poppy’ album, and if you haven’t listened to them before its a good album to start with. ‘Tesselate’ has jerky beats and glitchy sounds mixed with piano and clever lyrics.”

4.’The Roof is Leaking’ by Phil Collins

Face Value is a masterpiece. An album about personal turmoil, but not just a load of sad songs. Its a mixed bunch of up and down tempo, and full of lots of different instruments and sounds. Really well arranged and I always hear something different every time I listen. This is my favourite track from the album, and it’s not the obvious choice. I love how it starts off subdued, but slowly builds, becomes more complex and positive.”

5.‘Lithium’ by Nirvana 

A song with one word in the chorus –  “Yeahhhhhhhh”. ‘Nevermind’ has got to be the most recognisable album cover of all time and its full of songs that everyone knows, unless you’ve lived under a rock. Lithium is a my favourite to sing along to, and that’s why I picked it for the best track on the album. “

6.‘How Can I Make It OK?’ by Wolf Alice

Harmonies galore! LOVE this track. I often have it in my head on repeat all day. It’s amazing to have a female fronted band with so much talent and Blue Weekend is fantastic album. I’d love to support them at a gig, what a dream that would be!”

7.’My Hero’ by Foo fighters 

This song is an emotional one, especially since the passing of Taylor. Its my joint favourite song alongside ‘Everlong’. I love the feeling in the song and the meaning behind it. The drum intro starts off strong but then the guitars kick in and the whole song just pulls me in. “

8.’What You Know’ by Two Door Cinema Club 

This song is so catchy! It’s one of those songs that you can’t help but dance to. It’s the first song that I heard by Two Door Cinema Club and has to be their most well known song. The guitar riffs on this album are always a hook and keep you listening all the way through.”

9. ‘Mardy Bum’ by Arctic Monkeys 

There’s not one bad song on this album! Typical Arctic Monkeys sound, this album and ‘AM’ are their best albums in my opinion. I love Mardy Bum, the riff is infectious. I also love how the lyrics are negative, but the overall sound is positive – it makes it different to the usual.”

10.‘I Need my Girl’ by The National

Trouble will find me’ is the first album I listened to by The National, and it’s an album I listened to over and over. It took me a while to get used to the tone of his voice, but I soon got hooked on the melodies and gorgeous arrangements. ‘I need my girl’ is beautiful a direct love song with honest but abstract lyrics.”

A mix of rock and indie classics from Jen. A rare appearance from Phil Collins but always a pleasure.

For more information on upcoming shows or releases check out Jen’s website below or give her a follow on @jendixonmusic on all the socials.

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