Jero Rest ft Stella Kranner – No Apology

Austria based Jero Rest and Stella Kranner have been planning on working together for a number of years now, first discussing collaborating in 2019, when of course the pandemic came into full force and stopped them in their tracks. However, this month has seen the duo share their first collaboration together, coming in the form of ‘No Apology’.

The track opens with stunning, piano lead instrumentation which lead the listener to the introduction of strong vocals from both Jero Rest and Stella Kranner. ‘No Apology’ tells the story of the break down of a relationship, with Kranner portraying the character who is determined to make the relationship work and Rest then being the one who wants to leave.

There is some real drama within this track, it feels as if it has come straight out of a film soundtrack and this is heightened by the strength and power that comes through in the vocals displayed within this song.

Jero Rest has specialised in film music for much of his career, and this is very clearly displayed on ‘No Apology’. Stella Kranner’s roots are very similar to Jero Rest’s, as she started her singing career in musical theatre when she was just 4 years old. The pair’s vocal range is outstanding on this number, and it is blatant that they enjoyed the making of this track.

‘No Apology’ sees Jero Rest and Stella Kranner excel, it is a cinematic number that tells a touching story which many will be able to relate to. It holds emotive lyrics and pairs them gracefully with instrumentation fit for a film. This track will leave fans waiting for the next collaboration from the pair.