Jess Kemp – Don’t You Cry

I’ll admit, when this song started I became concerned that it was going to be a slow and simple romance tune that struggled to excite and intrigue. However, I was swiftly proven wrong by Manchester singer-songwriter Jess Kemp with her brand new single ‘Don’t You Cry’.

After a quick intro, a head-swaying beat kicks in that lifts the entire track from any old indie-pop tune to one that really grabs your attention.

Jess herself describes the track as ’a life of rainbows, sunshine and bright colours after a period of grey storm clouds and darkness’. The feel-good essence that she channels through her catchy lyrics and positive, powerful vocals seem absolutely essential to the bright sound Jess has managed to achieve. This sort of positivity does wonders for making the track easily likeable for listeners.

What is most admirable about this single is that it succeeds in being both personal enough to be believable, but broad enough to be relatable. This is often a hard middle ground to pull off, and Jess without a doubt should try and continue this in the future.

I’m not the only one who admires Jess’ talent either. She has received high praise from many, not to mention Manchester’s very own Clint Boon. The DJ said, back in 2017, “I was knocked out the first time I saw Jess Kemp perform live. She’s not just a world-class songwriter; she’s a fantastic performer.”. 

Now you can’t really argue with that. It’s clear Jess certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to talent.

The best advice I feel I can provide to Jess is to just keep it up. She’s got the talent, and with hard work there’s no telling what she could do. I genuinely believe she has the potential to produce music that gives other tracks in the charts a run for their money.