Jihae – Utopia

‘I’m dreaming of utopia’ are the takeaway words from Jihae’s new single. Aren’t we all? Do we not all have some small, unrealistic hope within us for a world of peace and prosperity? Well, it definitely seems like Jihae does.

When I say that they are the takeaway words, I don’t just mean she says this line and then sings some random verses with no meaning in between. An incredible amount of detail has gone into the storytelling of this track. This makes sense given it took 16 months of rewriting to finish.

Jihae obviously has an idealistic vision of this utopian world, which she is happy to share with us. Arguably the message is too far from the truth for anyone to really relate to, but there’s no doubt that an essence of positivity lies behind it that we can all appreciate.

Like much of her work before, this tune can certainly be described as dreamy. It’s a slow-burning track that is arguably best suited for a peaceful moment to yourself.

The New York-based artist supposedly draws a lot of her influence for her songwriting from the likes of David Bowie and Leonard Cohen. From listening to ‘Utopia’ this begins to make a lot of sense. A combination of the Bowie/Cohen style, with the storytelling of qualities of someone like The Velvet Underground, makes Jihae an artist worth remembering.

Jihae isn’t new to the music game, however. She has been releasing studio albums for 14 years, so it’s fair to say she knows what she’s doing. ‘Utopia’ is just another song to add to her illustrious collection. 

What’s makes it even more impressive is that whilst doing her music, she’s been doing well to establish herself in the acting game too. You may even know her as Anna Fang from the TV show Mortal Engines. Jihae is a woman of many talents.

She has put these talents to good use for a long time, and if you want a taste of it then you can check out ‘Utopia’.