Jim McHugh – Her Love

Monaghan based singer-songwriter Jim McHugh releases powerfully emotive new single ‘Her Love‘ – a single taken from Jim’s album ‘Pretending to Wake Up’ which was released back in May of this year.

Produced at Black Mountain Studios, Jenkinstown and Wynne Wynne Studio, Dundalk by Alex Borwick, ‘Her Love’ is a poignant single that recounts a loved one who passed away and details the hope that her love will visit again someday.

Detailing that our loved ones never truly leave us and are always in our hearts, this is a gentle reminder to tell the people that are still here, how much you care about them.

Based around an indie-rock arrangement, Jim’s vocals are reminiscent of artists such as David Byrne (just without the wacky nature) and even David Bowie.

Very distinctive and easily recognisable, this heartfelt offering escapes the stale chart music and states that indie-alternative rock is always evolving into something better. Just over four minutes long and bathed with a fantastic dynamic build, ‘Her Love‘ is truly one of the most cinematic tracks you’ll encounter in a while.

Sounding like something straight off a movie scene where the main protagonist has lost the love of their life, ‘Her Love’ is truly transcending and Jim McHugh at his best.