Jimmy’s Band of the Week – Pagans S.O.H

Jimmy’s of Manchester and Liverpool share their band of the week, Its high praise for a band to be awarded this slot and shows their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

The Pagans, Shepherds of Humanity’ aka ‘The Pagans‘ are a 4 piece band hailing from West Bromwich, England. Forming in July 2016, we set on a Pagan voyage, fusing elements of hip hop/punk/funk/jazz/metal/reggae to create a Pagan sound that would be truly our own. We’re not ‘trying’ to create our sound, we’re just seeing what realms the sound will lead us into. The Pagans are all but instruments to channel the Divinity of Life through your ears and into your Soul, one by one. Peace.

They Play Jimmys Liverpool this Sunday  with Suave Martyrs + The Difference + Dangerous Beans

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Manchester’s Suave Martyrs meld angular indie guitar with the flowing sounds of 60s west-coast psychedelia along with the baggiest of beats. Get involved!

???? Credit Trust a Fox Photography