There are certain times when you listen to a song and hear poignant lyrics that you can relate to, Joe Sal’s “End Of A Friendship is one of these moments. The track takes us on a lyrical journey of pain we feel when losing a friend, matched with the astute instrumentation of Sal’s guitar and band, it conjures a certain feeling when listening which is what rock music is all about.

What is even more impressive about this is the fact that it isn’t written in his mother tongue, hailing from Milan, Sal fuses his Italian roots with sounds more akin to British rock legends Muse.

In such a saturated market it’s hard to stand out, but this track most definitely does. “End Of A Friendship” is littered with musical breaks and dynamic changes which keeps the track interesting and different, you can tell that Sal and his band work extremely well together as every instrument blends perfectly with the next to create a classic British Rock sound.

It’s nice to hear a song where you can tell the songwriter has taken time and effort to perfect their sound. With clean production, a catchy but distinctive hook and driving instrumentation, “End Of A Friendship” is easy listening for any rock fan and is a track that I would definitely recommend to diversify your playlist.