John Greska – The Big Hill

Following on from the release of his 3rd album, ‘Aiming At The Stars’, John Greska has now returned with his new single, ‘The Big Hill’, marking the beginning of his 4th era of music in 4 years and allows Greska to cement himself as one of the most unique artists in his field.

The first track to be taken from his 4th album, ‘Suburban Child, ‘The Big Hill’ is the first chapter in a new story for John Greska, allowing listeners to reflect on their lives whilst reminding them that time moves quickly, ‘The Big Hill’ really pushes home the message that every day should be lived as if it was our last.

The track features captivating synths and keys which then bond beautifully with John Greska’s picturesque vocals, slipping into elements of folk, indie and classical whilst still remaining cohesive and charming.

Greska keeps listeners on their toes with every number he releases, as each release features unpredictable instrumentation that is filled with intrigue. In doing this, John Greska exhibits his talents in a unique way that many have not thought of before.

With his 4th project destined to see him master his talent as he combines everything he has learnt from his past releases, John Greska is heading for great heights. ‘The Big Hill’ offers a personal, relatable take on life – with exciting, vibrant instrumentation to match.

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